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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

Before I get to the blogs, I finished the Pumpkin Butter. It comes out dark because of the brown sugar, if you want it orange, use corn syrup instead. And I left out the blood in the recipe. I changed the recipe that I used a bit, and will probably change it some more as the fall progresses, as I am not completely happy with it. But that's my problem.

Off to visit new places!

Alla donde se cruzan los caminos; this is a newly created blog, not sure when it will be updated again. So why is it in my blogroll? Because I have always had respect for this person. I have seen her name creating nefarious fun on livejournal.

Bobbarama. com; this one is also a new site, from a friend I know from livejournal. He is a little neurotic, but that’s why I love him. Today he has interview comic strip creator Greg Evans. Stop by and say hi, just don't bring him any honey mustard or funnel cake.

Wind flower {I need to change the name on the blogroll, it has it listed as darkhairme} Jodie lives in China and just recently discovered the joys of blogging. She loves the variety of people here. Stop by her blog and tell her hi, she'll love it.

From Natures Cave, I found this blog via NeoWorx. This is a photo blog of small farm living in Australia. The photos are incredible. I really suggest you take a few minutes and scroll through her blog.

Those are my picks for today. Hope you have fun with them!. I have a guest blogger for tomorrow, so I will see everyone on Monday.


bobbarama said...

Hey, you!

Wow ... thanks for the plug for my blog in your blog. That is really nice of you. Really! Soooo cool!!

One small favor?

You have the link to my blogspot site instead of the link to my dot com site. The big difference is the dot com is map domained and the blogspot site is not.

Is it OK if you change the link to:

Oh, yeah, you also have it spelled wrong. It's actually bobbarama ... as in two b's and one m.

Oh, hey ... reminds me. Can I list your blog site on my list of Favorite blogs? I'd love to direct people to your blog. It's very cool.

Thanks again. You rock!

Phelan said...

Sorry, it was the link my blogroll picked up, will change it on both. I thought I had the two b's, once again, will fix...sorry.

Sure, feel free to link back to me.

Sirannon said...


Thanks for having me! :)
I'll be in Madrid definitely on Tuesday and will try to update regularly

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