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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday BlogRoll call

First off I want to dig my eyeball out of my head with a spoon. Severe migraines and farm chores do not mix well. I took some meds and can see out of my right eye once again. But I am grumpy, so if I don't reply to comment today or your blog, it's because of that.

Secondly, I have cleaned up my blogroll, and it contains only blogs now. If you are still interested in articles, forums and shopping links from me, scroll down and look through the side bar.

Lets get to those blogs!

The Flaming Grasshopper is the company blog of Chelsea Green Publishing. And because they say it better...from the website; The Flaming Grasshopper is the new Chelsea Green company blog. The grasshopper has been our logo for the past 20 years, a symbol of potent life energy contained in a small "insignificant" exoskeletal package, capable of covering great distances in a single leap, and ancient symbol of good luck. Flaming grasshopper because we are a company "on fire" with a great mission to save the planet (among other things) and, perhaps like the dragons of old, to protect that which we hold precious from the onslaught of government/corporate/military forces currently on the march across the globe. We can guarantee you that this blog will be provocative, informative, funny, and interesting. We invite you to post and to become a part of our extended readership community. Just remember, one small book can change the world.

Flip this body is the first blog that I responded to through The Bestest blog of all-time. I really dig the author Julie. Not only is she perusing her dreams to be an actress, but she is journaling her weight loss. Her positive attitude ad her humor gets the rest of us sucked into her life and cheer her along. She's doing everything on a limited budget and succeeding. So I ask that you mosey on over say hi, and tell her how fabulous she is doing. WOOHOO JULIE!

Free Range Living, this is the first blog I have ever responded to. Cheryl is trying her hand at urban homesteading, and doing better than I. She has to deal with police stakeouts in her tomato patch while home schooling children. She has pictures up of some of her fabulous meals that will make you go rummage through your own fridge just to fill that craving.

Fresh Food Fresh Blog, is no longer being updated. It was created for the Blogathon 2006. I did leave it in my blogroll because of the interviews and articles that have been written about family farms. This blog's charity was Farm Aid, as was mine. Go look around and learn a thing or two to amaze your friends with.

on more thing. . .


Over on Gardening 1 on 1. This blog has lots of info on spring planting, summer harvesting and seed saving. Got gardening questions? Andrew's got you answers.


Cheryl said...

Oh Phelan, please put that spoon down before you hurt yourself!
Thank you for including me in your post today, and for your lovely comment this morning.
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Susan Jones said...

what a fun blog!!!!

Bug said...

Coolio congrats on being reader of the month! :o)

Julie said...

Thanks for the nod, Phelan :-)

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