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Friday, September 01, 2006

The good and the bad

One of the great things about living out here, is that one of my neighbors has his own landing strip. A corn farmer by trade, he flies out over us every day. Low enough that we can see him waving to us as he passes. He also seems to be friends with people like the Red Baron. { I don't know if this is the same guy, if you follow the link, but it is a similar plane} If the Air force base in the city is going to have an air show, we get a free preview a few days before as the stunt planes converge on our neighbors property.
They take to the air and have dog fights and show off their acrobatics. My sons love it. They stand it the field, the necks straining upward, jumping and screaming in pure joy.

We have been very busy the last couple of days. With the Labor Day weekend upon us I am expecting many people in and out the next few days. Thus the down side of living out here, bikers. Once in awhile it is decided that our house is the perfect gathering spot. I am not usually notified of this in advance. When a major holiday approaches, I need to be prepared for stop overs. Sometimes we can go the whole year without anyone showing up, sometimes it seems like every holiday I have a tent or two propped up out back or more than one large burly man peeing on a tree. I need to invest in a porta potty, like they'll use it. The house is cleaned and I have frozen extra food stuff, just in case. But this preparedness slows down my food preservation.
I did manage to can 5 half-pints of Pear Jam and 3 pints of Peach Butter. If you have a favorite recipe, leave it here in reply or on the forum where my recipes link to. Please, I could use some new spice in my life.

I have been talking with one4worldpeace {remember her? she was the one harassing me during the blogathon. Of course without that friendly harassment I might not have made it through the night} She has been giving me some good advice about bee keeping. Maybe I can get her to write a guest blog about the subject.

The Texas FarmWife has received some sheep, She should really update her blog and tell us about it, hint hint.


Bug said...

The bikers just show up? Like they are total strangers and they just barge into your land? Dayum girl you're a lot nicer than I...there'd be a big barking dog and an invitation to leave signed by Smith and Wesson from me *chuckle*

Those planes are pretty kickass! Love the pics :o)

Phelan said...

Some are strangers, but they know a mutal friend. So we get to call said friend and verify. MY husband builds and repairs bikes for a living, I think he has issued an open invite to just about everyone. He went to Sturgis to work, who knows how many people he invited out. But it's all good, most the time when they show up they are looking for my husband to work on their bikes.

lisa said...

I love the airplanes! We used to see some crop dusters when I lived in Indiana, balloonists, too. Here in Wisconsin, I'm more likely to hear whip-or wills...and Harleys ;)

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