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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today's mail

I almost wept when I opened up this package.

Thank you alrescate, you are a dear friend. And you will be repaid for your kindness.


Bug said...

Oooh! Dontcha just love getting goodies in the mail! What a sweetheart :o)

Marina said...

So, are you more excited about the dehydrator, or the puzzle?


Phelan said...

bug, yes and yes!

marina, the puzzle wasn't for me :(

alrescate said...

You are quite welcome! I'm glad it got there in what looks like one piece. There is no need to "repay" me...this is the kind of stuff friends do.

And you can work the puzzle too you know. ;-)

Merry said...

I remember the day my mom discovered that I liked working on jigsaws. her eyes lit up - for a second, and then it set in that I'd demand she let me work on her "grown-up" pictures... My poor mum!

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