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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Broody Banny and give away rooster.

A man that my husband works with decided to go into chicken wrangling. As many times as my husband has talked about our little homestead at work, some of the other guys are starting to get interested in homesteading. I think it's a natural appeal for a bunch of bikers. You can live without the man!

But this man ordered 7 turkeys and 25 chicks. He merrily brooded them on his back porch, losing 4 of the turkeys. Soon he moved them into their new set up {not sure what kind of set up he has for them} The next day he came out to feed them. His 3 dogs had torn every single one of them to pieces.

The dogs are now gone, and he and his wife wish to start over. Here's where my brain says Give him a couple of your banny roosters! You wont have to eat them. {As if there is that much meat on them} I told my husband to offer up a couple of roosters. And the guy jumped on it. Of course he would take some, as long as they weren’t the ones that jumps and tries to claw out your eyes. Well, bannies can jump six feet straight up.

He came out and we wrangled one white silkie Rooster and a mini black {not sure it's name} They are full grown, still under a year. His wife loved them. He ordered some hens so that the two can have there own harem.

Now we are down to two banny roosters, one White silkie and a Golden Buff. We kept the golden Buff because my father really likes him. Two female bannies, One adult {standard} rooster, seven hens, one Bronze tom {turkey} and two geese. Are group keeps getting smaller. But on the plus side, one of my bannies is setting. I went to gether eggs, found where they were laying. 15 eggs later, not a single one was edible, all had various stages of chick development. I have not found where they are laying now. I think the older hens are in molt. But I did leave the few eggs that the banny was sitting on, to see if she will hatch them out.

blogger is not allowing me to upload any pictures right now.


Bug said...

When we had our chickens it was a constant battle with wild dogs *ugh* But nothing beats fresh egss!

alrescate said...

So you still have one rooster too many?

Phelan said...

Yes, we still have one rooster too many. But we are talking about buying some poulets so that the Golden Buff can have his own harem

Julie said...

I was having problems with pics in Blogger today too. Email me if you want to know a trick around it.

Anonymous said...

I am in need of a Banny rooster. I don't have a clue what one would look like or where to get one. My grandfather wants one and I am determined to get him one. He is 90 and I want to at least do this for him. If you could offer me any help I would appreciate it.

Phelan said...

Check your local Craigslist, under farm and garden. You will not be able to buy only 1 bird through a mail order hatchery, and local farm stores don't offer birds until spring. If you can't find a listing for a Bantam (banny/banty) post a want ad there. Did your grandfather discribe the bird he wants, or does he just want a banny? They come in all kinds of colors and temperments. The bst banny rooster I have come across are white english game bantams. They are rather docile. Bannies are 1/3 the size of a full sized bird. You can email me (on my profile page) if you need more help.

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