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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blueberries and Sunflowers

Something that I can not resist is the chocolate covered blueberry. Last night around 1 am I decided to make some.It took quite a bit of will power for me not to eat the entire pint of chocolate covered bliss. So simple to make. Slowly melt your favorite brand of solid chocolate bar, dribble a bit on wax paper, place blueberry in the center then cover with more chocolate. Place in the fridge until firm {about 15 minutes} Simple, but heavenly!

Wet air and drying sunflowers make a poor combination. I lost my entire crop because of the odd weather we are having. No roasted sunflower seeds, or sunflower oil this year. Grey powdery mold has infected everything. The sunflower field a few miles from me has suffered as well. I have done well with sunflowers the last couple of years, and am disappointed that I will not have any this winter.

Flies have also invaded my home. It has been nice enough to keep the house open. I realize that many of you have never brooded chicks in your home before, but the sickly sweet smell of chick poop draws the flies {yes I clean the brooder daily}. If the weather changes and is back to it's hot dry self, I will be able to move the chicks out to the nursery this weekend. These chicks are the most paranoid bunch I have ever dealt with. I am use to the frightened chick attitude, but this bunch will jump at any small sound. And as they are located in my master bath, they keep me up at night.

Today we go on the great egg hunt. There is approximately 3 days worth of eggs somewhere in the chicken/goat/geese/turkey pen. The standard rooster is in lock up, the geese will be shooed into the barn so that my boys can help me search the ½ acre area in the hopes of stumbling on the elusive chicken egg. My layers have not laid in the normal spot, and I have only 1 hen that sets. Hens like to share nests, so somewhere out there beneath the bright blue sky, someone's laying out there, out where weeds grow tall {I like An American Tail , just in case you didn't get the last line}


reno said...

Hi there !

Very happy to visit your blog !

Best regards !


La Gringa said...

Hi, I was searching about chickens (I'm about to get my first two here in Honduras!) and somehow ran across your blog. I enjoyed it and plan to come back to read more. Thanks

Phelan said...

Thank you both for stopping by.

la gringa, many people looking for chicken info end up here. Good luck with your frst two chicks, if you need any advice, just ask.

alrescate said...

Thanks. Now I'm going to be craving chocolate covered blueberries and singing *that* song all day!

Phelan said...

alrescate, sorry

Sweetpeeps said...

Mmmm Chocolate covered blueberries! What a great idea!

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