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Friday, August 11, 2006

1 egg 2 egg, Brown egg Green Egg

Yesterday I found my first banny egg. It would be the smaller of the three pictured above. The one laying, is the same one that is sitting {the reason I bought bannies in the first place} She's a Red Cochin. {she reminds me of mother hen in the loony tunes programs}

It seems it might be a little hard to tell, but the egg on the far right is not white, it's a light green. I was very surprised when I found the first one. I have had nothing but brown layers. When I found the green egg, I came running out of the coop to find my husband, I thought maybe a wild bird had laid with the hens. Turns out that the hen I was calling Prairie {because she looks a lot like a prairie hen} was an Araucana. {looks nothing like the picture in the link} We have talked about getting more of these Easter egg layers, and selling them. But we have "talked" about many things.

I really do enjoy my chickens. The standard rooster I could do without. I love the fresh eggs, and the unique flavor that comes with them.

Speaking of eggs and flavor, I just had an article about Deviled Eggs published.


Alrescate said...

Some of my grandma's hens laid light green eggs but I don't think any of them laid "easter" eggs. That sounds pretty cool!

Cheryl said...

Great article - we love deviled eggs, so we'll definitely be trying some of them out.
I'm so jealous, I love Araucana eggs!

Marina said...

We have 3 Arucanas, and 1 AruBar mix, who lays brown eggs. They weren't part of the original flock, so the other hens don't get along with them well. The rooster actually sorts things out between them.

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