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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Invasion of the mole people blogathon entry #17

Could you explain more about the underground shelter? I knew you wanted to do this, but I am not sure exactly what the plan is.


{ alrescate asked something similar early this week}

I know some will ask, here is the book my husband told me to buy him. {Yes, told. And when I saw it I cried "I don't want to live in a fifty dollar house!"}

What will happen is that we will dig a 2,000 square foot basement, with a 1,300 square foot wrap around loft. Then put sod over the roof, and all you will see is a door set into a 4 foot tall hill. {Imagine sinking a house, and there you go} The link above might help more. My husband is napping, and this is more his project. I will try to update this entry more when he wakes up.

5 points for the both of you!

We now have $341USD for Farm Aid!
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Feel free to keep asking your questions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why do I get visions of hobbit holes when you talk about underground houses?

My home is built into a hill, so the back half is halfway underground. We have never had to use the heater or fan in that area, as it stays almost the same temp all the time. It's just the other half of the house that gets cold. The downside is, no natural light comes into that back area.

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