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Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Hobbit with a sponsor blogathon entery #24

Why do I get visions of hobbit holes when you talk about underground houses?

My home is built into a hill, so the back half is halfway underground. We have never had to use the heater or fan in that area, as it stays almost the same temp all the time. It's just the other half of the house that gets cold. The downside is, no natural light comes into that back area. ~one4worldpeace

Because that's what it is, only larger and with taller entry ways.

We thought of that problem and have looked into various ways of solving this. We are going with skylights in the roof, through the sod, as well as strips on the side. To hide, as well as protect our widows, we will be planting low flowers around it and then adding a decorative, but sturdy wrought iron fence. It will look as though the small hill has gated gardens. The upstairs loft will have a bay window.

Another aspect to the house that I neglected to mention. We will have a sunken patio. The sunken house has a sunken yard! Yes it does. We will have a small green house as well. The entire south side of our house will be open. Hope I am explaining this correctly. {I wish my scanner worked} Imagine a bowl shaped hole, place a two story house in the hole and push it up against the north wall, leaving an open are in the hole on the south side. Now cover the top of the house with dirt, but do not fill the hole. Makes sense {Oh I hope it does}

as for flooding {what I beat you to the question?} We will be installing french drains.

15 points for that question one4worldpeace!

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greedyreader said...

I like the idea of your house being built into a hill -- of some sort. But won't it get wet and moldy smelling during rainy season? Or don't you have a rainy season inkansas?

rarsberry said...

I think I am slowly getting the idea of your new house.
Please do take photos as you go through the process of building it, for us and for yourselves later. :o)

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