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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Hat Strangling sponsor blogathon entry # 41

I have a question - will the hat in the picture be a forthcoming prize? LOL! ~yoko

No, that is my husband's. He would not be happy if I sent it away. 20 points for trying though!

Bobarama, I did mean strangle. We have a weatherman here that when ever it rains hard he says "It's a frog strangler out there." 10 points for effort.

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bobbarama said...

10 points? Just for breathing? Wow.

Please tell me this doesn't put me in the running for the funnel cake or I'll never forgive you.

rarsberry said...

Can you please explain the words homesteading and neophyte to me?
Hope your kids don't wake you when you are getting your much needed sleep after this finishes. :o)

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