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Monday, July 24, 2006

Corn Harvest & a Visit to the Famers Market

This weekend my youngest son and I harvested some of the ready corn. We have 9 rows, of twenty feet a piece. We have never done well with corn, so this year we decided that just by planting in shear numbers would guarantee us something. {that's a decision made from desperation} The stalks pictured are Sweet Hickory. They are the ones you turn into corn nuts and Hominy. {I will attempt hominy this year, prepare yourselves for that one}

We did manage to get a few. {this was just the overflow, as you can see there are other veggies in the basket} I filled up a grocery sack with the 2 types of sweet corn and baby corn, the popcorn isn't ready quite yet.

Because of our organic gardening skills {or lack there of} almost every ear had these caterpillars in them. Not one of the ears was a good whole cob. And once again, I lack the proper gear, and had to go old school on the corn. Taking a knife, I removed the kernels for a good 2 hours.

Here's what I ended up with. {As if you couldn't have guessed that one} I big ole bowl of corn. I pressure canned 5 pints. Does any one know why corn takes 55 minutes, while other veggies only take 25? Or had I done it again, and misread something, somewhere at any given point? Ah, well...we have corn for the winter.

On a more interesting note. While the children and I were at the Farmers Market {Where I bought short horn beef and Bison patties, it's meat people, meat!} We wondered into the Extension office. I had some questions on building a Green Shelter, and laws regarding them. Inside there was a library sale {got 4 more cookbooks, WOOHOO!} and two of my three boys made tomato critters at the children’s booth. I am immensely impressed with the culinary skills my boys have shown here.


Anonymous said...

What?!?! You aren't making corn nuts? You're killing me lady! How can you make hominy and *not* make corn nuts?

Can you tell I like corn nuts? *grin*

Phelan said...

ok ok. Just for you I will make corn nuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my god!!! I just noticed your quote from Ed Gein. I'm hysterical! LOL!

Phelan said...

I was wondering how long it would take someone to mention that. I thought you of all people would enjoy that one.

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