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Monday, June 12, 2006


Each year our garden gets bigger. This year it is 4,000 sq ft. Larger than our house. And each year that our garden get bigger the less mulch we have to cover it with. I made an attempt to use dried field grass, but I only got one and ½ of the rows covered. I received 15 bags of mulch from a friend in the city, that only covered one row of corn. Yesterday, my thumb literary green, pulled weeds and laid them out to dry, hopefully they will smother any new weeds. But only 1/4 th of my garden is mulched in. A neighbor is a free dump for tree trimming company, we will raid his mulch pile in a couple of days to see if we can cover the rest of the garden. I am tired of my hands being so stiff and swollen from plucking deep rooted weeds.

Do you have any peanut butter recipes?

I do, but I have yet to try them. This will be my first year making peanut butter from scratch.

I need to get a pair of these.

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